Industrial parts cleaning systems

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Cleaning machines for manual cleaning and automatic cleaning.
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The right cleaning solution for every application

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Our range:

Process cleaning systems

Laborex has been specialized in process cleaning systems for more than 60 years: heavy-duty washing machines and automatic cleaning systems.

We offer freestanding cleaning machines for cleaning components as part of a production cell, as well as automated cleaning systems that can be integrated with your entire production or automation lines.

Our machines meet the highest cleanliness requirements

With our more than 60 years of experience, we understand better than anyone the importance of cleanliness in production processes. For example, a dirty particle that remains on an airplane wing or dirt that sticks to engine parts can lead to a mechanical failure or other serious defects.

We constantly strive to ensure that our component washing machines meet the highest cleanliness requirements and standards. Whether in automotive or aerospace, all sectors are constantly developing new technologies, which means that components constantly require deeper and more accurate industrial cleaning. We are very responsive by constantly adapting our parts washing machines to this. Regardless of whether you need the cleaning process before or after the assembly of the parts, we guarantee you always clean parts.

Laborex known worldwide

Our process cleaning machines are used all over the world and can be used in any industry. The name Laborex is well known in the automotive, aerospace, rail & transit and general manufacturing.

No more dirty parts

Whether it concerns oil, grease, carbon or other mechanical dirt on parts such as engine blocks, bearings, gears, the Laborex process cleaning systems ensure that your parts are clean again, deep into the smallest channels, bores and blind holes.

We offer cleaning solutions for the entire range of industrial applications.

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