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Cold and warm immersion in a closed cabin

The Laborex immersion parts washers clean, degrease, rinse, phosphate, passivate, oil, strip paint and dry metal and plastic parts. The parts are cleaned in a closed cabin by means of cold and warm immersion with the option of brushing, spraying or blowing the parts dry.


We have three types of immersion parts washers in our range:

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Technical info and options

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How do Laborex immersion dunk washers work?

Due to the up and down movement in the immersion dunk washer (this is called immersion or soaking), the parts are thoroughly cleaned. The up and down movement of the parts in a Laborex immersion dunk washer ensures a more intensive cleaning compared to a stationary bath.

The operator places the dirty part on the loading platform, which makes an up and down movement in the washing liquid by means of a compressed air cylinder. The great advantage of immersion is that the part to be cleaned is completely covered by the washing liquid, so that all hard-to-reach surfaces and holes are always thoroughly cleaned.

Multifunctional immersion parts washers


You can clean the hard-to-reach places or intensively soiled holes or channels with a brush or spray with a gun. Dry blowing with compressed air is also an option.

A major advantage is that delicate parts can also be soaked in an immersion parts washer while stationary, so that the dirt soaks itself off.


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