Parts washing machines and cleaning systems for Rail and Transport

Trains, trams and buses cover many and great distances every day. This leaves traces and causes a lot of damage and enormous contamination to the parts. Cleaning and removing grease, oil, brake dust, carbon and other hard deposits is therefore a must to keep trains, trams, buses and other rolling stock running smoothly every day.

The Laborex Heavy-Duty Parts Washer configurations are suitable for all rail and transport parts. The Laborex Rail and Transport parts washing machines and cleaning systems guarantee that your parts are 100% clean, dry and protected against rust when they leave the machine.

Cleaning solutions for train and transport parts with complex geometries

Different shapes and sizes of train and transport parts and their complex geometries sometimes make cleaning difficult. For example, heavy grease deposits or hard-to-reach interior spaces must be cleaned.

Another challenge is cleaning heavy weights up to several tons. In addition, train wheels and train axles, for example, have to be treated and cleaned differently as traction motors.

Eco-friendly and automatic cleaning installations

Laborex plays a major role in modernizing parts cleaning for the Rail and Transport sector. Our knowledge and years of experience have ensured that harmful chemicals and manual processes have been replaced by eco-friendly and automatic cleaning systems.

We offer water-based cleaning solutions instead of harmful solvents. The Laborex environmentally friendly cleaning installations ensure fast, high-quality cleaning and reduce chemical and labor costs.

Some realized machine projects*:

* These are just a few examples of realized Rail and Transport machine projects. We can present you with so many more reference projects.

Most common Rail and Transport components

Over the past 60 years, Laborex has developed a complete line of Rail and Transport parts washing machines and cleaning systems that meet the demanding maintenance processes for train, tram, bus and other rolling stock. Just think of parts washing machines and cleaning systems for cleaning train axles, bearings, bogies, drive units, traction motors, generators, wheel sets and so on.

Worldwide references

As a specialist in Rail and Transport cleaning processes, many well-known national and international railway and bus companies have already called on Laborex.

Our cleaning systems are suitable for cleaning, rinsing and drying various parts, so that we can cover all applications in the Rail and Transport industry. Our cleaning systems are optimally tailored to your application.

Why choose Laborex?

  • Parts cleaning for new production and maintenance
  • Cleaning of heavy railway components
  • Certified by Deutsche Bahn
  • Extensive national and international references in the rail sector

Do you also have a specific project?

Whether it concerns cleaning bogies, bearings, axles, etc. … our process Rail and Transport parts washing machines and cleaning systems remove the heaviest dirt!

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