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Industrial cleaning plays an enormously important role in the automotive industry.
This sector is constantly developing new technologies: parts constantly require deeper and more accurate industrial cleaning.

A suitable cleaning system for every application

Laborex builds a suitable cleaning system for every application.
We adapt our systems to your complex parts. No more dirt on your parts!

Some realized automotive machine projects*:

* These are just a few examples of realized automotive machine projects. We can present you with so many more reference projects.

The right cleaning system for all your automotive parts

We design and manufacture the right cleaning system for cleaning all your automotive parts.

Due to their high power densities and low tolerances, these parts have increasingly complex geometries.
The smallest dirt can cause major damage.

That is why it is extremely important to develop flexible cleaning systems that ensure that all components are properly cleaned to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. This at the lowest cost for you. Technical cleanliness is very crucial: we also get the smallest holes, bores and channels clean!

Worldwide references from the automotive industry

For more than 60 years, automotive manufacturers, dealers, garages, workshops around the world have relied on Laborex parts washing machines and cleaning systems to increase their productivity, profitability and product quality.

Complex parts

Laborex offers a complete range of process cleaning systems specially designed for cleaning car parts.

The Laborex aqueous washing machines and cleaning systems remove machine oil, greases, chips, heavy mechanical contaminants, … from parts such as complete engine blocks and cylinder heads, camshafts, bearings, rims, rear axles, cardan shafts and driveshafts, gearboxes and engine parts, gears and cogs, etc.

We adapt our systems to your complex parts.

Do you have a specific project?

Whether it’s a streamlined production environment, large-scale production or small automotive parts, our process cleaning systems meet your cleanliness specifications and production speeds.

All our automotive process cleaning systems remove the heaviest dirt!

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