Rims parts washer

Do you have dirty rims?
Do you not know how to clean it?
Would you like to know how best to clean your rims?

Laborex has the solution

Then choose the Laborex rims parts washer.


Rims parts washer R-18 RVS-W/G-SP for cleaning, rinsing and drying rims.

What makes this machine so special?

  • Robust carrying hook on which several rims (time-saving) can be hung.
  • Overhead conveyor system: the different rims on the carrying hook are automatically placed in the machine by means of a overhead conveyor system.
  • Drying with blowers.
  • Connected to a throwing blaster: after the washing, rinsing and drying process, all rims are transported to the throwing blaster that is connected to the cleaning machine.
    The rims are blasted through the blasting blaster.
  • Lever: a lever can be used to open/close the doors of this cleaning machine quickly and easily.
  • Time-saving: because several rims can be hung on the carrying hook and the overhead conveyor system automatically puts the rims in the machine, the operator has time to do other production work.

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