Cleaning system R-18 RVS-W/G-SP above is specially designed for the cleaning of rims. This cleaning machine is linked to a monorail transport system and also connected to a blasting machine.


This R-18 RVS-W/G-SP has a hinged door at the front and rear of the cleaning machine. At the top of the roof there is a slot for use, of a monorail transport system. The intention is to push manually supporting hooks from the cleaning machine into the blasting machine. Thee roof has two drive chains which pull in the support arm. When this arm is inside the machine, the left chain of the monorail transport system turns forwards and the right chain backwards. Then the supporting beam rotates around in the R-18 so the rims are sprayed/dried from all sides.

Operation procedure

The rims which have to be cleaned are placed on a support arm which will be hung on a large supporting hook which is coupled to the monorail transport system. By pressing the green “Load” button on the machine, the supporting hook with the supporting platform with the rims will be hoisted and further transported inside the cleaning machine. This supporting hook must be located in the centre of the cleaning machine before the cleaning can begin. After this the doors have to be closed and the rims will be cleaned. When the washing process is finished, the dripping time starts followed by drying with compressed air or a blower. When these rims have been cleaned and dried, the doors can be opened again and the support arm with the rims will be further transported inside the blasting machine before the rims are blasted.

A lever can be used to open and close the doors of the cleaning machine more easily.

Using this monorail transport means less manual work for the operator (only placing the rims which have to be cleaned on the support arm) so he now has time to do other production work.

Technical specifications

Type R-18 RVS-W/G-SP
Dimensions 2260 (W) x 2600 (D) x 4550 (H)
Wash tank 1500 L.
Machine weight ± 3200 kg
Max. electrical consumption 18 kW – 40 A
Max. pressure compressed air 8 bar
Max. pressure water 6 bar
Pressure wash pump 6 bar
Flow wash pump 30 m³/hour