Aircraft parts washers and cleaning systems

All Laborex washing machines meet the highest cleanliness requirements

The aviation regulation is extremely strict. This explains why such strict cleanliness requirements are enforced in the aviation industry.
A dirty particle left on an airplane wing or wheel can cause mechanical failure or other serious defects with all known consequences.
We constantly strive to ensure that our aircraft parts washers and cleaning systems meet the highest cleanliness requirements.

A suitable cleaning system for every application

For more than 60 years, Laborex has been designing and supplying industrial cleaning solutions for companies and manufacturers in the aerospace industry.
Each cleaning system is tailor-made for specific aircraft components and processes.

Some realized aviation machine projects*:

* These are just a few examples of realized aviation machine projects. We can present you with so many more reference projects.

Worldwide known aviation customers in our portfolio

The name Laborex is known worldwide in the aviation industry.
Several well-known European and non-European aviation manufacturers use the Laborex parts washing machines and cleaning systems at locations all over the world to clean aircraft parts.

Clean with extreme precision

Our parts washers and cleaning systems clean all your aircraft parts with extreme precision and care without damaging the aircraft parts.
Aircraft parts contaminated with particulate matter, carbon or other dirt, such as cleaning dirty bearings, airplane wings, aircraft wheels or aircraft engine turbines.
We ensure optimal cleaning and extra protection against damage or tears.

Wide selection of parts washers and cleaning systems

Cleaning aircraft parts is not easy and requires in-depth knowledge.
Therefore, rely on Laborex’s extensive experience and knowledge for washing, rinsing and drying all your aircraft parts!

Do you also have a specific project?

Whether it concerns an aircraft wheel, an aircraft wing or a turbine, our process aviation cleaning systems meet the highest aviation cleanliness requirements and standards!

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