Buying a professional blasting cabinet

With a blasting cabinet you can blast a part under high pressure. Blasting surfaces is a technique in which the part is “sanded”. This by using abrasive.
With a blasting gun you “shoot” the abrasive on the part. In this way the part is cleaned. Because the abrasive is collected, it can be reused again.

The Laborex injection bast cabinets and pressure blasting cabinets are standard equipped with a continuous circulation system for the blasting grit and a sophisticated automatic dedusting/blasting system with high efficiency, consisting of an extraction system with filter cartridges.

Test our blasting cabins yourself

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Blasting of parts

Our standard blasting cabinets are designed for manual blasting of all kinds of parts. The parts to be blasted are placed one by one in the blasting cabinet, where they are blasted manually.

Depending on the size of the part, we have different models of blasting cabinets in our range.

The Laborex blasting cabinets ensure the dust-free and environmentally friendly removal of surface rust and contaminants.

What is a blast cabinet used for?

  • To remove rust, paint stains and corrosion. Parts that are blasted in a blast cabinet, for example, are rims, machine parts or parts of cars and motorcycles.
  • To give surface structures a mattifying effect or create images on a part.
    This is done, for example, on stainless steel parts.
  • For local (post)processing.
    In the coating industry there is a lot of blasting to roughen the surface of the part and thus achieve a better adhesion or anchor profile for the coating.

Which blast cabinet do I need?

The choice of the ideal blasting cabinet depends on the type of material, dimensions, contamination and the desired processing of the part you want to blast.

The blasting requirements must also be taken into account, what result you expect and how often or for how long the blasting will take place.

We have two standard versions in our range:

  • Laborex injector blast cabinets or vacuum blast cabinets: for surfaces to be treated less intensively. An injector blast cabinet is cheaper to purchase, but blasting does take a little longer compared to a pressure blast cabinet.
  • Laborex pressure blasting cabinets: for heavy, intensive and a lot of blasting work (series). A pressure blasting cabinet is a slightly higher investment, but with the advantage that parts can be blasted much faster.

In addition to our range of vacuum and pressure blast cabinets, we also have the ability to manufacture custom-made blast cabinets, for example: automatic blast cabinets that can be used in production lines to increase productivity.

Difference between injector blasting and pressure blasting

  • Injector blasting: best solution to level small and medium parts. With this blasting method it is possible to blast very precisely and dosed.
  • Pressure blasting: best suited for parts with large surfaces or for removing heavily soiled and corroded parts.

Another essential difference between the two blasting methods is that the blasting speed of a pressure blasting cabinet is 5 to 10 times higher than that of an injector blasting cabinet.

Injection or vacuum blasting is blasting with lower capacity.
Pressure blasting is high capacity blasting.

How does a Laborex blasting cabinet work?

The abrasive is fed to the blast gun where the abrasive is “shot” on the part by compressed air. By blasting, a part can be cleaned more precisely and locally.

The abrasive is completely recycled. The blasting media that has become too small is separated from the blasting grit that is still to be used and the dust that arises is extracted and filtered by the dedusting system.

In addition to a blasting gun, our blasting cabinets are also equipped with a blow-off gun to remove dust from the blasted parts.

Advantages of the Laborex blast cabinets

  • The Laborex blast cabinets are very easy to use.
  • Very safe: because the operator is blasting in a closed cabinet, he is protected against the blasting media.
  • Because the cabinet is a compact, enclosed space, you can place the blast cabinet anywhere.
  • Thanks to the good filters and seals, no dust, abrasive or other contamination leaks into your workplace and it always remains clean and dust-free.

Our range

We have two standard versions in our range: