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Laborex injection blast cabinets for professional use

An injection blast cabinet, also called vacuum blasting cabinet, is the perfect solution for blasting small and medium-sized parts. With an injection blast cabinet one can blast very precisely and dosed. Rust, paint and corrosion are removed without any problems. Highly recommended for cleaning machine parts and parts of cars and motorcycles.

Our range

We have three types in our range:

The Laborex injection blast cabinets are very similar externally. The type is chosen depending on the size and weight of the workpiece to be blasted.

All our blasting cabins can be equipped with various options that you can view in detail in our digital brochure.

Test our blasting cabins yourself

We would like to invite you to come and test our blast cabinets in our showroom. This is completely free and without obligation. Make your appointment now.

Ready to use

A Laborex injection blast cabinet is supplied complete, i.e. when it is connected to the compressed air and electricity network and the cabin is provided with the suitable blasting agent, the blasting cabinet can be used immediately.

Injection blasting: manual blasting of small and medium-sized workpieces

Injection blasting is a surface treatment in which the parts are blasted by means of blasting media and a blasting gun according to the Venturi principle. The workpieces are placed one by one in the blast cabinet and then blasted manually.

Venturi principle

An injection or vacuum blast cabinet works according to the Venturi principle: two hoses are attached to the blasting gun. One hose is for the supply of compressed air. This creates a vacuum (Venturi effect) in the blasting gun. The second hose aspirates the blasting grit.

After blasting the parts, the blasting grit falls into a metal dust drum, mounted under the blasting cabin. The blasting grit is separated from the dust and dirt via the dedusting system, which consists of an aspiration system with filter cartridges. The cleaned blasting grit is transported back to the blasting gun and can thus be reused to blast parts.

Blasting grit

The blasting grit is fed to the blasting gun where it is “shoton the part by compressed air. The amount of blasting grit fed to the blasting gun is adjustable. This allows blasting with all kind of blasting grit in an injection blast cabinet. For example, think of glass beads and ceramic beads.

The blasting grit is completely recycled. The blasting grit that has become too small is separated from the blasting grit that is still to be used and the dust that arises is aspired and filtered by the dedusting system.

In addition to a blasting gun, our blasting cabins are also equipped with a blow-off gun to remove dust from the blasted parts.

Technical info and options

For more technical information about our injection blast cabinets and their options, download our digital brochure or request a quote.