Gearboxes and engine parts cleaning machine

Do you have dirty gearboxes and engine parts?
Do you not know how to clean it?
Would you like to know how best to clean your gearboxes and engine parts?

Laborex has the solution

Then choose the Laborex gearboxes and engine parts cleaning machine.


Gearboxes and engine parts cleaning machine FR 125-70-85 for washing, rinsing and drying gearboxes and engine parts contaminated with chips and oil.

What makes this machine so special?

  • Magnetic filtration system: chips come in the wash bath when the gearboxes are washed. The magnetic filtration system filters the chips from the wash bath.
  • Automatic roller conveyor: this cleaning installation consists of 5 treatment zones for washing, rinsing and drying the gearboxes and engine parts.
    The parts to be washed are automatically transported to the next zone on the roller conveyor.
  • Closure access door: for the safety of the operator, the roller conveyor is covered by a fence with an access door with safety contact.
  • Compressed air and hot air drying.
  • Vapor condensers.
  • Lift table: the parts to be cleaned are placed on the lift table, after which the operator brings them to the height of the roller conveyor using the two-hand operation console.
  • Overhead conveyor system: an overhead conveyor system is used to load the heavy parts on the loading zone.

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