The custom transit tunnel above is specially designed for the cleaning of impellers of fuel pumps. The intention is to remove the oils and chips on these impellers.


This transit tunnel is equipped with automatic transport which automatically conveys the impellers from the entry to the exit of the conveyor belt of the machine. The parts automatically fall at the end of the exit into boxes through the discharging casing.

Working procedure

The impellers are transported through the conveyor into the charging casing of the machine. Then the impellers are loaded on the conveyor chain which moves the impellers one position each time.

The impellers are first washed, then rinsed and finally dried. After drying, the impellers are at the end of the conveyor chain and automatically fall into the discharging casing.

If at the end of the machine a box is present, the slide of the discharging casing will open each time there is a part, until the box is full.

Once the box is full, the discharging casing closes and the full box moves to the exit of the box transporter and a new box will be placed (if present).

Technical specifications

Type DVBA RVS-W/E 2-tanks
Dimensions See mechanical drawing
Wash tank 814 L.
Rinsing tank 410 L.
Weight machine ± 2500 kg
Max. consumption electric 47 kW – 80 A
Max. pressure compressed air 10 bar
Max. pressure water 6 bar
Pressure wash pump 1 2 bar
Flow wash pump 1 13,8 m³/hour
Pressure wash pump 2 30 bar (max. 50 bar)
Flow wash pump 2 0,48 m³/hour
Pressure rinsing pump 1,8 bar
Flow rinsing pump 3,6 m³/hour