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Manual cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts

The Laborex aqueous parts washers are compact and simple cleaning tables for quick manual cleaning and degreasing of mechanical parts.

We find the Laborex aqueous parts washers in many well-known garages, maintenance companies and service and overhaul companies.

Two types

We have two standard types in our range:

  • Type 800 RVS-W/E
  • Type 1240 RVS-W/E

Both types look the same, only the work surface is different. The size of the part to be cleaned determines the type of appliance.

The Laborex aqueous parts washers have a heating element. Warm cleaning is done with water and cleaning product.

Test our parts washers yourself

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Both parts cleaners are modular. This means that both devices can easily be expanded with various options. From an open cleaning table to a completely closed cleaning table. To keep the environment splash-free.

Technical info and options

For detailed technical information about our aqueous parts washers and their possible options, download our digital brochure.

How does a warm parts cleaner work?

The cleaning of the parts is done completely manually. The dirty part is cleaned with a flow-through brush in which the cleaning agent circulates and the cleaning is determined via the foot pedal. The more forcefully the operator pushes the foot pedal, the more detergent flows from the flow-through brush to clean the dirty part.

The biggest advantage of a Laborex warm parts cleaner compared to other parts cleaners: a built-in oil separator

An oil separator is standard built into a Laborex warm parts cleaner. This is the main advantage compared to other parts cleaners.

The purpose of this built-in oil separator is to separate the oil from the washing liquid, so that the cleaning agent remains clean for longer.

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