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Laborex combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning Systems for intensive cleaning

The Laborex combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning Systems are especially designed for the cleaning, degreasing, rinsing and drying of parts with complex geometry, parts with (blind) holes and machined components where a very high cleaning degree is required, etc.

All inner and outer surfaces of the parts are actively cleaned including deep into the (blind) holes. Watermarks and residue shading are eliminatedEven the smallest channels, corners and edges inside the parts are cleaned thoroughly.

Two fixed spray pipes, an oscillating spray pipe with high impact pressure nozzles and the rotation of the basket in combination with a powerful wash pump (with a pressure of 7 bar) makes the Laborex combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning System so unique.

For specific applications it is possible to equip the combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning System with additional ultrasonic agitation which supports the floodwash-principle.

Cleaning parts with complex geometry

In the first phase of the washing process the basket rotates or makes a partial rotation movement clock wise and anti clock wise, less than an angle of 180°. After a fixed time the washing chamber is closed and then flooded up to the permanent overflow. Now the parts are fully immersed, whilst the wash pump still operates. The nozzles, which are now under water, cause a strong flow in het washing chamber, i.e. “flooding”. The combination of spraying and flooding ensures very intensive cleaning.

Available from stock and 3 years warranty

Our combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning systems are available from stock with a guarantee of 3 years in full production (continuous production).

Washing results reference RATP France (bus, metro, tram France)

Cleaning of metro parts of bogie chassis

Parts before cleaning in a Laborex combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning System with ultrasonic:

Parts after cleaning in a Laborex combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning System with ultrasonic:

Cleaning with CTEC soap for an optimal cleaning result

We recommend CTEC products for cleaning/degreasing your parts.