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Best solution for intensive cleaning of parts with complex geometry

A Laborex Floodwasher is the best solution for cleaning, degreasing, rinsing and drying

  • parts with complex geometry,
  • parts with blind holes and bores,
  • turning and milling work,
  • parts where a very high degree of cleaning is required,
  • etc.


Depending on the size of your parts and the required degree of cleaning, we have three standard Floodwashers in our range:

Our Floodwashers can be equipped with various options, for example a lifting table for easy loading and unloading of heavy parts or an ultrasonic system. This makes very high cleanliness requirements achievable.

Test our Floodwashers yourself

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High cleanliness requirements achievable

Very high cleanliness requirements can be achieved with a Laborex Floodwasher. All inner and outer surfaces of the parts are thoroughly cleaned, deep into the bores or blind holes. The parts become perfectly clean without shadows. Even the smallest channels, curves, corners and edges on the inside of the parts are thoroughly cleaned.

What makes the Laborex Floodwasher so unique?

  • Two fixed spray pipes
  • Oscillating spray pipe with high impact nozzles:
  • Basket rotation
  • Powerful wash pump: pressure of 7 bar

Ultrasonic system

For an even more powerful cleaning, an ultrasonic system can be built into the Floodwasher. This loosens the deepest and most stubborn dirt.

Reference ultrasonic cleaning at RATP France (bus, tram, metro): cleaning of metro bogies:

How does a Laborex Floodwasher work?

Spraying and immersion

In a Laborex Floodwasher, the parts undergo a spray cleaning combined with an immersion cleaning, while the dirty parts rotate around a horizontal axis. This is called “floodwashing”. In combination with a strong flow pump, a very intensive washing process is achieved. This allows parts with a complex geometry to be cleaned down to the smallest channels.

High-impact nozzles, 7 bar wash pump and oscillating spray pipe

In order to achieve even greater cleaning efficiency, high-impact nozzles have been installed on the spray pipes instead of plastic or flat nozzles. In combination with a powerful wash pump with a high flow rate – pressure of 7 bar – the spray pipes can reach the dirt well. In addition, two fixed and one oscillating spray pipes are installed to prevent shadow areas on the parts.

Available from stock and 3 year warranty

Our Floodwashers are available from stock with a 3-year warranty in full production (continuous production).

Technical info and options

For more technical information about our Floodwashers and the options, download our digital brochure or request a quote.