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The entire washing process out of your hands

With a Laborex continuous cleaning system, the entire washing process is out of your hands. The cleaning process is fully automatic.

The most diverse production, packaging and transport parts are cleaned daily in the Laborex continuous cleaning systems.
For example: bogies, rear axles, gears, precision rings, etc.

Solution: Laborex tunnel washers

Whether you need to clean a few parts per day or thousands per hour, our tunnel washers are the solution.

Your parts are washed quickly and thoroughly according the required cleanliness standards, so that your parts are quickly available for your production process or logistics line.  

Biggest advantage: fast and efficient cleaning

Using advanced cleaning techniques, such as oscillating spray pipes, we can quickly and efficiently clean the most complex parts in our tunnel washers. Washing time and washing power are adjusted to the dirt to be cleaned with the aim of obtaining clean parts.

Fully built and tailored to your production capacity

We develop and build custom continuous batch washers. Our continuous batch washers are fully tailored to your specific production needs and then integrated into your production environment.

  • Which parts do you want to wash?
  • How many parts should be washed per day?
  • How many pieces per time?
  • Which cleanliness requirements must be met?
  • Automatic loading via a transport system?
  • etc.

Conveyor systems

When heavy parts need to be washed, a conveyor system offers the solution for automatic loading and unloading on the conveyor belt of the tunnel washer. Even stacking parts on top of each other, filling boxes or crates with parts that have just been washed, … a conveyor system linked to an industrial tunnel washer relieves any manual operation. The speed of the conveyor system is geared to the capacity of the tunnel washing machine.

How does a Laborex continuous batch washer work?

All parts are loaded at the front of the continuous batch washer (loading zone). Depending on the required cleaning standard, different cleaning processes can be carried out: washing, degreasing, rinsing, phosphating, passivation, drying, blowing off with cold or warm air, etc. After the parts have gone through the various washing, rinsing and drying processes in the washing tunnel, the parts come out clean at the rear of the tunnel washer (unloading zone). Depending on the dirt, CTEC cleaning fluids ensure that your parts look like new again! Large or heavy parts or even the most complex parts from production lines or continuous processes with the heaviest dirt come out of the Laborex continuous batch washers completely clean!

Technical info

For more advice and information about our continuous cleaning systems, download our digital brochure or contact us. We are happy to assist you further!