NEW: 100% clean parts

Are your cleaned parts not clean enough? Do you have strict cleanliness requirements for your parts?
Then choose our unique spray system with oscillating rotational motion.

No more shadow areas and dirty parts

With this new washing technology (patent pending) we guarantee 100% clean parts deep into the bores and blind holes without shadow surfaces.
You no longer have dirty parts.
The oscillating spray pipes not only provide powerful cleaning of the outer surface, but also perfect cleaning of the inside.
We even get parts with a very complex shape 100% clean.

With fixed spray pipes, cleaning is done at only one angle: only the outer surface of the parts where the nozzles can reach is cleaned.

What we guarantee:

  • Unique cleaning technique
  • Extreme cleaning results
  • Concentrated cleaning

Laborex rotating spray washing machines for industrial cleaning

The Laborex rotating spray washing machines clean, degrease, rinse, phosphate and dry metal and plastic parts. Cleaning takes place in a closed system with a lid or door. The basket with the parts which have to be cleaned rotates automatically in the machine with continuous filtration of the liquid on the basis water and a suitable degreaser.