Spray washing: automatic cleaning

For companies, manual cleaning of parts is a time-consuming activity. The Laborex spray washing machines ensure the automatic cleaning, rinsing, degreasing and drying of industrial parts made of metal or plastic. This way you can carry out other work without any worries while your parts are automatically cleaned.

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Ideal solution for external cleaning of parts

The Laborex rotating spray washing machines are the ideal solution for the external cleaning of parts. The spray washing principle is simple: you place the parts to be cleaned in the basket and select a washing program. Due to the combination of the chemicals used, the duration of the washing program, the temperature and the pressure and flow rate of the spray washing machine, we guarantee you clean parts.

Two types of spray washers: top loader and front loader

Each part is different in weight and size. That’s why Laborex offers two types of rotating spray washing machines: the top loader and the front loader. Both washing machines do the same thing, only the way you place the part in the washing machine is different.

The top loader is suitable for external washing of smaller parts. With this type, you place the parts to be cleaned in the washing machine via a lid that opens upwards.

The front loader is suitable for slightly larger or heavier parts and has a door that opens at the front. In this way the basket can roll on the door and the parts can easily be placed in the basket.

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