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Rotating spray washing machines for industrial cleaning

Are you looking for an industrial spray washing machine for automatic cleaning of your parts? Then discover our industrial rotating spray washing machines type top loader and front loader.

Front loaders

Our large industrial spray washers are the Laborex front loaders. Industrial spray washing machines equipped with a front door.

Depending on the dimensions and weight of the parts to be cleaned and the desired cleanliness, we have different front loaders in our range.

Our front loaders can be equipped with different programs: washing, rinsing, degreasing and drying of metal and plastic parts.

Test our rotating spray washing machines yourself

We would like to invite you to come and test our rotating spray washing machines in our showroom. This is completely free and without obligation. Make your appointment now.

How do the Laborex front loader spray washers work?

The Laborex spray washing machines work via a closed circuit. Compare it with the dishwasher principle. You place the parts to be cleaned in the rotating basket and set the washing time. The washing process starts. The spray pipes ensure a thorough cleaning of your parts. With soap and water. After the washing process, you can remove the parts from the spray washing machine as new and a new washing program can be started immediately.

Technical info and options

Our front loaders can be equipped with various options so that high cleanliness requirements can be achieved.

For more advice and information about our front loaders and their extra options, download our digital brochure or contact us for a quote.