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Industrial Spray Washing Machines

Manual cleaning takes a lot of time.


The Laborex Spray Washing Machines: top loaders and front loaders.

Your guarantee:

The Laborex Spray Washing Machines automatically wash, rinse, degrease and dry parts made of metal and plastic.


You can carry out other production work while your parts are automatically washed in the spray washing machine.

Top loaders

Our most compact industrial spray washers are the Laborex top loaders. Industrial washing machines with lid.

There are two types of top loader: type R-10 and type R-12.
Both types look the same.

The type is chosen depending on the size and weight of the part to be cleaned and the desired cleanliness. The machines can be equipped with different options.

Test our rotating spray washing machines yourself

We would like to invite you to come and test our rotating spray washing machines in our showroom. This is completely free and without obligation. Make your appointment now.

How do our spray washing machines work?

The top loader is suitable for external washing of smaller parts. The washing process is simple. The washing process is started by placing the parts to be cleaned in the basket and setting the washing time. The parts are continuously washed with soap and water via the rotating basket and spray pipes. After the washing process, you remove the clean parts from the machine and a new washing program can be started.

Technical info and options

For more technical information about our top loaders and the options, download our digital brochure or request a quote.