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Laborex manual and manual/automatic high pressure cleaning cabinets

The Laborex manual and manual/automatic high pressure cleaning cabinets clean and blow dry metal and plastic parts.

High pressure cleaning in a closed system, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly.
The used cleaning liquid is reused through the continuous filtration.

In our range of high pressure cleaning cabinets we have manual high pressure cleaning cabinets and manual/automatic high pressure cleaning cabinets.

Manual or manual/automatic cleaning of parts

Cleaning parts in a Laborex high pressure cleaning cabinet is very simple.

The Laborex high pressure cleaning cabinets comprise a wash cabin in which a turntable is mounted. The drive of the MAS 1000 happens manually, this of the type R-MAS can be set automatically.

On the inside of the wash cabin is a high pressure gun installed with stainless steel nozzle. The high pressure gun can be operated by the foot pedal. This allows to clean and blow dry the parts under high pressure.


We prefer products from CTEC for the cleaning/degreasing of your parts.