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Energy-efficient cleaning in expensive times

Save time and energy with our latest spray pipe technology! The best weapon against fickle energy prices, 50% energy saving! Discover quickly how you can save money and clean energy-efficiently in expensive times.

23-09-2022 Read more

100% clean parts

Are your cleaned parts not clean enough? Do you have strict cleanliness requirements for your parts? Then choose our unique spray system with oscillating rotational motion.

01-09-2022 Read more

Sneak preview new website

To make our website even more user-friendly and to give it a fresh ‘look’, we have worked hard over the past few months on a completely new website. Today is the day, we went live! In this blog we already give you a sneak preview of our new website.

24-09-2019 Read more

Overhaul of marine engines: cylinder heads

Immersion parts washer type 2000 RVS-W/E for cleaning marine engines/cylinder heads. What makes this immersion parts washer unique is that two cylinder heads can be washed simultaneously via a one-ton load.

21-06-2019 Read more

Competitive against China

Last year we were again asked to offer a parts cleaning machine that can clean large parts with complex geometry. The parts must be perfectly clean as pre-treatment for the curing process in a nitration oven. The degree of cleanliness is very high, the weights up to 10 tonnes with useful internal dimensions of 4x2x2 m. Not only did we make a contribution on the technical level, but we also thought along with the customer in terms of internal logistics and handling of the parts.

28-05-2019 Read more

We are also known in Mexico

Production and installation of a two-tanks transit tunnel for the cleaning of gears contaminated with oil and chips.

27-05-2019 Read more

Industrial parts cleaning machine for German Railways

After years of collaboration, we are proud to have delivered a new two-tanks industrial parts cleaning machine to the German Railways (Cologne workshop). This cleaning machine is made mobile, so that it can be moved through the workplace. Purpose: for cleaning vacuum WC modules.

13-05-2019 Read more

Laborex expands customer base in Poland

Our customer “Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies” in Poland develops and produces high quality plastic and rubber precision components for fuel pumps worldwide. These components often have to meet strict tolerances and require high-level process control. That’s why it’s extremely important that these parts that are smeared with cutting oils are thoroughly cleaned. For the removal of these cutting oils we have developed three high-quality cleaning machines.

07-03-2019 Read more

Our brand new washing and high pressure cleaning cabinet!

We are proud to introduce you our brand new washing and high pressure cleaning cabinet! Two machines integrated in one machine: a rotating cleaning machine and a high pressure cleaning cabinet. Wash and clean under high pressure all your parts in 1 machine!

22-11-2016 Read more

Onze aflevering in “Doe Maar Duurzaam” gemist?

Heeft u onze aflevering in “Doe Maar Duurzaam” op RTL 7 Nederland gemist? U kan deze uitzending hier bekijken.

05-09-2016 Read more

Goed reinigingsproces verlengt levensduur componenten

Wim Kuysters (zaakvoerder) en Johan Nolf (Sales Manager) van Laborex vertellen in “Doe Maar Duurzaam” welke milieuvriendelijke en efficiënte totaaloplossingen er zijn op het gebied van reiniging, ontvetting en oppervlaktebehandeling. Zondag 4 september 2016 om 12.30 uur te zien in “Doe Maar Duurzaam” op RTL 7 Nederland.

19-08-2016 Read more

Laborex delivers first machine in China

We are currently finalizing a three-tanks cleaning machine type R-32, dimensions 7000 x 5100 x 4800 mm, which will be shipped to Tjianjin (China) early next year. It’s our first delivery to a Chinese customer.

08-12-2015 Read more

Laborex wins LON-Award Voka Kempen South

We can announce with great pride that we have been selected by the board of Voka Kempen as winner of the LON-Award Voka Kempen South.

10-09-2015 Read more