New parts cleaning machine for ZF China

Four years ago we already built a large parts cleaning machine for ZF Tianjin in China.
The parts must be perfectly clean as pre-treatment for the curing process in a nitration oven.

Parts with complex geometry

Last year we were again asked to offer a parts cleaning machine that can clean large parts with complex geometry.
We are talking about gears, ring wheels and housings of wind turbines with a complex geometry.

The degree of cleanliness is very high, the weights up to 10 tonnes with useful internal dimensions of 4x2x2 m.

Compete against China

Laborex is not the only producer of industrial parts cleaning machines in the world.
That’s why ZF has submitted his RFQ to several potential manufacturers in both Europe and China.
China soon fell out because there are no manufacturers yet who can build such large installations.
As a resultno import tax is payable for these machines for export to China.

Our advantages over our competitors

Not only did we make a contribution on the technical level, but we also thought along with the customer in terms of internal logistics and handling of the parts.
All this means that we have come to a solution with various benefits for the customer:

  • very good cleaning,
  • shorter process times,
  • less manipulation,
  • durable machine at a very competitive price.

We can therefore state that the decisive step towards purchasing at Laborex was innovation, but certainly also the guarantee!

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