We are currently finalizing a three-tanks cleaning machine type R-32, dimensions 7000 x 5100 x 4800 mm, which will be shipped  to Tjianjin (China) early next year. It’s our first delivery to a Chinese customer.

A new production line is started in Tianjin and one part of it is a curing process. Gears and ring wheels are here made resistant to wear. This happens by a nitration process. The surface of the parts to be treated has to be perfectly clean and therefore a cleaning process with one wash bath and two rinsing baths is designed. All baths have demineralized water with a cascade effect.

The machine will be assembled this month. A final test is planned in January, after which the machine will be packaged seaworthy and send to the customer after approval. It’s our first order from a Chinese global player.


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