Our customer “Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies” in Poland develops and produces high quality plastic and rubber precision components for fuel pumps worldwide.

The products supplied by Helvoet often have to meet strict tolerances and require high-level process control.

High-quality cleaning machines

That’s why it’s extremely important that these plastic and rubber parts for fuel pumps are thoroughly cleaned. These precision components are smeared with cutting oils and require a high-quality cleaning machine. We have developed three high-quality cleaning machines for the removal of these cutting oils.

A large 3-tanks stainless steel washing tunnel

This washing tunnel is equipped with a wash tank and two rinsing tanks and an automatic conveyor belt. The second rinsing tank rinses all the parts with demineralized water, as we are dealing with delicate parts that need to be thoroughly rinsed before being mounted in fuel pumps.

Two 2-tanks Combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning Systems

Our Combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning Systems are specially developed for cleaning complex parts and are equipped with a wash tank and a rinse tank with demineralised water. Ultrasonic washing is also possible.

Increased capacity and automatic washing

The great advantage is that Helvoet can continuously clean a large quantity of plastic and rubber precision components in the 3-tanks washing tunnel, while cleaning in the Combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning Systems is done per batch. To increase the capacity and to clean the parts automatically, the 3-tanks stainless steel washing tunnel will soon be equipped with a robot.

Special developed degreaser

To remove the cutting oils on these precision components, we have developed a special Helvoet degreaser: CTEC 7.02. This environmentally friendly degreaser meets all qualities and requirements, making all parts extremely clean.

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