We can announce with great pride that we have been selected by the board of Voka Kempen as winner of the LON-Award
(= Prize Entrepreneurship) Voka Kempen South

Each year Voka Kempen honours companies which continuously contribute to the prosperity and the welfare of its region. Since 1987, this prize has been awarded to a leading company in the region with excellent results in recent years, which are based on the parameters of the company’s management, strategy, personnel and marketing policy, innovation and international projects.

For Voka Kempen South, a professional jury has chosen Laborex as the winner.

This prize is a bit of a surprise for us. Yet we are as company as active in a real niche market, very proud to have won the Prize Entrepreneurship.

We invest enormously in our employees and are proud of our competence management programme. These are investments which are certainly needed if we want to realize our ambition to double our sales.

Also Innovation Award 2012

Our efforts were also rewarded late last year with the Innovation Award 2012.
Then the KIR named us as the winner of the Innovation Award 2012 in the category of small to large enterprises with the developing/building of an environmentally cleaning system for the cleaning of bogies of trains which didn’t exist before on the market.

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