Save energy and time with our oscillating spray pipes

The best weapon against fickle energy prices, 50% energy saving!

As  you expect from your trusted pioneer in producing eco-friendly cleaning machines, we continuously strive to be innovative and sustainable for our customers.

With our latest oscillating spray pipe technology, you will certainly save 50% energy consumption!
This is the best weapon against today’s volatile energy prices.

A win-win solution by
1: reducing your energy costs and
2: cleaning in only half the normal process time!

Discover quickly how you can save with our latest oscillating spray pipe technology:



Laborex oscillating spray pipes: only advantages

  • Perfect cleaning:
    By continuously moving and changing the spraying angles regarding the object or part to be cleaned, we even manage to clean “behind the corner”! Parts with complex shapes are perfectly washed as a result, such as round holes, tapped holes, both through and blind are all perfectly clean.
    The need to move parts and then wash them again several times is now a thing of the past.
  • Shorter wash cycles:
    Due to the increased efficiency of an extremely powerful wash pump combined with oscillating spray pipes, the wash time is significantly reduced, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Your benefits of shorter wash cycles

  • 50% reduced energy consumption resulting in a “greener” machine.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through less wear and tear on your machine.
  • Reduced soap consumption and cost reduction due to significantly less waste water.
  • Using more eco-friendly detergents at lower temperatures, due to almost continuous and direct contact between the water jets and the surfaces to be cleaned, it is possible to work with soft, more neutral and eco-friendly detergents, which are characterized by effective cleaning at lower pHs. Thanks to their high effectiveness, you will also find considerably fewer danger phrases in the Safety Data Sheets.

CTEC Cleaning Technology: the answer to your needs today and tomorrow!

We have been active internationally in research, development, production and sales of industrial cleaning products for more than 50 years. Specialized in industrial cleaning and degreasing, we offer eco-friendly and efficient total solutions for every cleaning problem.

Progressive in high-quality cleaning agents for use in high-pressure cleaning machines at the lowest possible temperature of 45 degrees!

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