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How to optimize your cleaning process?

Purchasing a suitable industrial parts cleaning machine or blast cabinet requires some study.
Do you want to clean manually or automatically? What is the contamination on your parts? Are there specific cleanliness requirements?
Our consultants, with more than 20 years of experience, are happy to share their knowledge with you and to tell you how you can optimize your cleaning process. Not only with explanation, but also based on practical tests on your own parts.

You don’t purchase a parts cleaning machine or blast cabinet impulsively.
In most situations, we wil first start with a series of tests on your contaminated parts.
We do this in our specially equipped demo room with various cleaning machines and blasting cabins, such as a rotary basket washer, spray-immersion system or hand blast cabinet.
By carrying out various tests on your parts, we can determine the best cleaning principle.
Is spray pressure cleaning the most suitable cleaning principle to get your parts clean again? Or do we choose better for high-pressure cleaning or injection flood washing? Which cleaning fluid is the best to clean your parts?

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Would you prefer to visit specific machine projects? This is no problem!
In our large customer base, we can easily select customers from your region to view and test our machines on site.
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+ Free test samples

In our laboratory we perform various tests with our own chemistry to get your parts clean again.
Free test samples are available. That way you can test the chemistry on your contaminated parts yourself in practice.