How we start a project

  • A project normally starts with a visit from one of our sales staff whether or not accompanied by a project engineer.
  • In many cases, we first start with a series of tests carried out on the parts which have to be cleaned. We have a suitable demo testing room for this. In this room there are different types of cleaning machines, cleaning machines which are often equipped with special high pressure pumps and with a frequency controller.
  • On the basis of these tests it can be determined which cleaning principle can best be applied to your process (for example spray pressure cleaning, flood wash, immersion, ultrasonic, blasting, high pressure cleaning,etc. or combinations of different techniques) and with which flows and pressures we can work best.
  • There is often a lot of creativity involved. Special spray packages, special holders, etc. are made ​​to ensure results.
  • Once we have determined which cleaning principle and which chemistry can be applied best to your process, we examine with which machine concept this can best be implemented.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering departement makes a first 3D model in SolidWorks of how the machine will look. This model is extensively discussed with you and further tailored to your needs.

By making a representation of the final 3D model, we obtain a 2D drawing that allows us to produce the necessary sheet metal work.

For this we have a modern machine department with laser cutting machines, bending machines, a geared machine with drum, a turning machine, a tapping machine, a dust exhausting installation, etc.

Engineering    Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

In the meantime our Electrical Engineering departement examines the full electrical and automation process. The electric diagram and cabinet lay-out are drawn and designed. The PLC programs are written and tested.

Engineering    Engineering

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