We put our customers first

We continue to work with you even after the purchase of your machine.

Qualified staff

We have a permanent team for the delivery and installation of the cleaning systems and sandblasting cabinets. In addition there is another team that provides professional maintenance.

Our qualified staff regularly follow training and receive guidelines from the Engineering Department.

Service trucks

Our service trucks are fully equipped and have most parts available, which are subjected to wear. We guarantee you an excellent after-sales service.

This means that most situations can be dealt with immediately. Certain cleaning systems work with remote monitoring (remote control).

Conclude a maintenance contract

At all times you are able to conclude a maintenance contract with us for your cleaning machine or sandblasting cabins. Maintenance contracts are a guarantee for the smooth operation of your machine.

By having regular maintenance unexpected machine failures and thus high costs are avoided. An additional advantage of such a maintenance contract is that the life of your machine increases considerably.

Parts warehouse

Having a strong after-sales service is one thing, having the right parts in stock another. We have a large warehouse where ± 4,000 parts are in stock. Should something fail on your machine, you can count on your cleaning machine or sandblasting cabinet being back in service within 24 hours.

In certain circumstances, bridging machines can be placed in an emergency to help you and your production to keep running.