We don't run from a challenge

Each cleaning or blasting problem is different and requires an individual approach. That’s why our R&D Department examines your specific cleaning situation and evaluates the components which have to be treated.

Together with you we will then check if a Laborex standard cleaning machine or custom made cleaning machine should be developed by our Engineering Department.

We don’t run from a challenge:

  • From a simple manual parts cleaning table
  • to a fully automatic PLC controlled machine.
  • From manual loading and unloading to automatic conveyor systems.
  • From stand-alone machines to integrated solutions with or without communication with robots or other transportation systems.
  • From cleaning and degreasing products to blasting media.

We work all this out for you!

Use of proper chemistry

Nor should the importance of the right chemistry be underestimated. We have the most environmentally friendly cleaning products in our range and we are also a strong advocate of installing a skimmergrease separator or oil separator to your cleaning system. These separators not only skim the oils and greases on the surface water in your bath, they also give your cleaning machine a longer life.

By combining the right solvent in your cleaning system and an appropriate skimmer, oil separator or grease separator, we offer you a total solution and the full cleaning process remains our responsibility.