Cleaning installation for cleaning gears and ring wheels

Are you looking for a cleaning installation for cleaning gears and ring wheels?

Laborex has the solution

Then the Laborex gears and ring wheels cleaning installation is the ideal washing machine for you!
This three-tank cleaning machine, with dimensions of 7 x 5.5 x 5 meters, washes parts up to 3 tons!

The heavy gear and wheel rings are loaded and unloaded onto the platform via an overhead conveyor system.


Washing, rinsing and drying of gears and ring wheels.
All baths work with demineralized water.


Our customer is a well-known Chinese global player that produces gears and ring wheels.
Before making the gears resistant to wear during the hardening process, all gears must be 100% clean.
For this we have built a three-tank cleaning machine for washing, rinsing and drying gears and ring wheels.

What makes this machine so special?

  • Washing gears up to 3 tons
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Fully tailored to your needs, application, production
  • Vapor condenser: condenses the water vapor during production into water
  • Automatic water level detection
  • Equipped with an oil separator: removes the oil from the wash tank, so that the wash water stays clean for longer and can be used for longer
  • Automatic soap dispensing
  • Night closing: to prevent dirt and cooling of the machine. In night closure, the machine remains at operating temperature.
  • Vacuum gun: for vacuuming deeper holes

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