Industrial parts cleaning machines

Each industrial cleaning problem is different and requires an individual approach. Together we decide the most suitable cleaning system for your application.

The package that we offer you is complete, our experience is great. We offer you a tailor-made solution in mutual consultation.

  • Full solution: cleaning system and chemistry
  • Customised or standard
  • In-house production

Blasting cabinets

Our blasting cabinets are manufactured in accordance with the current standards on the environment, safety, hygiene and ergonomics. The absorbed energy is unmistakably small, while due to continuous recycling, low abrasive consumption is achieved.

Our method

Laborex develops and produces industrial parts cleaning machines and blasting cabinets. Our team of 65 specialists tackles every cleaning problem in a professional manner based on achievable results.

How to determine which part cleaning machine to purchase?

Receive our directive PDF containing instructions on how to determine which part cleaning machine best suits your objective.

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Get to know our company, our vision and our different types of machines.

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About Laborex

For over 50 years we have been internationally active as a producer of industrial parts cleaning machines and blasting cabinets for the cleaning or blasting of all your parts. 

Our industrial parts cleaning machines are often associated with other production machines. For this purpose we develop and produce customised parts cleaning machines and innovative transport systems resulting in automatic production processes.

Specialized in industrial cleaning techniques, we offer eco-friendly and efficient full solutions in the areas of cleaning, degreasing and surface treatment.


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