Water-based industrial parts washers

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Laborex water-based industrial parts washers

You can find water-based industrial parts washers for the cleaning and degreasing of parts in practically every field of work. Because of strict legislation, cleaning media such as white spirits have been changing to slowly evaporating solvents. European legislation also means solvent media and aliphatic hydrocarbons will be forbidden. These two reasons mean more and more water-based parts washers are being launched on the market.

The Laborex water-based industrial parts washers are a highly suitable alternative to the classic solvent industrial parts washers.

Our range of water-based industrial parts washers

We have 2 types of water-based parts washers in our range:

  • Type 800 RVS-W/E                
  • Type 1240 RVS-W/E

Both types are only available in stainless steel.

Customised parts washers are also possible.

Technical data

  • Type 800 RVS-W/E:
    • Working surface: 800 x 550 mm
    • Working height: 850 mm
    • Grid load: 100 kg
  • Type 1240 RVS-W/E:
    • Working surface: 1240 x 765 mm
    • Working height: 850 mm
    • Grid load: 150 kg


  • A simple, high quality and solid installation/construction.
  • Simple operation and always ready for use because there is a continuous warm liquid flow.
  • When the operator takes the working grid off the cleaning table he can easily soak all the components.
  • The working grid has closed profiles in U-form. These profiles mean evaporation is greatly reduced and the working surface is stronger and more powerful. 
  • When the operator uses an appropriate degreasing or cleaning product (f. ex. LX 2025), all the impurities will whirl down to the bottom of the cleaning table. This means the fluid will be pure for longer (up to two times longer than a solvent).
  • The liquid is easy and quick to replace.
  • No floor retainer or vapour exhauster is needed, no electric wires on the floor, no boilers casings, no installation of extra filters, etc.
  • The brushes to clean the components are made of strong hair (no deformation of the brush).
  • The material of the tubes is carefully chosen so after intense working the full-flow brush still remains flexible (no vitrification).
  • High quality pumps.


The use of water with detergent has important advantages compared to the use of solvents:

  • Absolutely no risk of fire thanks to the use of water.
  • Biodegradable detergent, so no waste.
  • Good drying because we work at 40°.
  • More comfortable for the user, no toxic vapours, better (softer) for your hands.
  • Lower operating cost because of the use of water.
  • Absolutely odourless (most solvents need a vapour system).

Because watery degreasers may be warmed (by which we degrease 5x quicker and the parts dry 7x quicker compared to a slowly evaporating solvent), these water-based industrial parts washers must be equipped with a heating unit.

We prefer the product LX 2025 for the cleaning/degreasing of your parts.

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