Solvent industrial parts washers

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Our range of solvent industrial parts washers 

We have 2 types of solvent parts washers in our range for the cleaning and degreasing of parts with cold degreasers

  • Type 800 NS-K
  • Type 1240 NS-K

All our solvent parts washers can be made in normal steel as well in stainless steel. A drum of 60 or 200 litres with a cold degreaser suitable for your application can be placed underneath the frame.

Pneumatic pumps are driven by compressed air. Explosion and fire caused by an electrically driven pump are thus excluded. These pneumatic types are primarily used in the chemical and petrochemical industry and offshore.

Technical details

Our standard range of solvent industrial parts washers is available in dimensions to 1240 x 765 mm with a working height of 850 mm and a grid load to 150 kg.

Customised industrial parts washers are also possible.


A Laborex solvent parts washer for the manual cleaning and degreasing of parts has the following features:

  • Good flexible full-flow brush holding in the cleaning liquid.
  • Simple operation and always ready for use.
  • Economical consumption of the cleaning liquid.
  • Various options are possible such as f. ex. vapour exhauster, higher splash wall, wheel retainer, caddy, etc.
  • CE-certification.

Because these industrial parts washers are made on a solvent basis, are they only suitable for cleaning parts with cold degreasers in contrast with our warm parts washers.

We prefer the products LX 300 and LX 700 for the cleaning/degreasing of your parts.

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