Industrial cleaning for every sector

Machines and parts require good industrial cleaning for the efficient operation of production processes. The industrial cleaning of machines not only optimises your product, it also ensures better safety.

Industrial cleaning of machines: our way of working

Each cleaning problem requires a unique approach. Laborex develops and produces industrial parts cleaning machines and blasting cabinets according to individual requirements. Accordingly, our R&D department investigates your specific situation in which you want to utilise industrial cleaning. After the identification of the most suitable cleaning principle we look to see in which machine concept or existing production line this industrial cleaning can best be implemented. We then order all materials to start up production. After the purchase of your cleaning machine we also take care of its maintenance

Cleaning machines for your industrial cleaning

Cleaning machines according to individual requirements, that’s what you get at Laborex. We have already been operating as a producer of these machines for more than 50 years. Our industrial parts cleaning machines are the ideal solution when parts that are difficult to clean need to be quickly and thoroughly cleaned or degreased. Discover all industrial parts cleaning machines here for the industrial cleaning of your production process.

Industrial cleaning

How Laborex can help you with your industrial cleaning

As an international producer of industrial parts cleaning machines Laborex is your ideal partner for efficient and complete solutions. From cleaning to degreasing and surface treatment. You can go to Laborex for the industrial cleaning of any production process. Our experienced engineers take the time to examine each situation and offer you industrial cleaning perfectly in line with your needs. 

In search of suitable industrial cleaning? Contact our staff today! We will help you with your search for suitable industrial cleaning according to your needs.

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