Rotating spray washing machines: top loader

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Laborex rotating spray washing machines

The Laborex rotating spray washing machines with top loader clean, degrease, rinse, phosphate and dry metal and plastic parts. Spray pressure cleaning happens in a closed system, without force and with continuous filtration of the liquid.

Sizes and weights

The standard range of top loaders is available in sizes from 920 to 1175 mm, an effective height to 550 mm and a maximum load of 500 kg.

Customised machines are also possible.


These rotating spray washing machines with top loader are available in a one-tank design or can be provided with a multiple of tanks. When more tanks are installed, the cleaning system can carry out more processes, such as pre-washing, washing, rinsing, drying, etc.

One-tank design:

  • Top loader type R-10
  • Top loader type R-12

Multiple tank design:

  • Top loader type R-10 2T
  • Top loader type R-12 2T 

All our rotating spray washing machines with top loader are available in stainless steel and can be provided with or without transportation wagon.


  • The cabin is made in stainless steel and equipped with a turntable, driven by a gear motor.
  • Spraying pipe in U-shape for the cleaning of the components.
  • The duration of the cleaning is set by a timer.
  • The tank/s is/are equipped with large dimension cleaning hatches for easy cleaning of the machine.
  • The loose filtration buckets are easy to remove.
  • Different dimensions are possible (depending on the application of the machine).
  • Various options are possible: vapour condenser, oil skimmer or grease separator, mechanical rotation, electrical metering pump, drying through hot air or compressed air, transportation wagon, etc.


  • Spray pressure cleaning is the best alternative to manual cleaning with for example a component cleaning table or a high pressure cleaner.
  • Spray pressure cleaning happens automatically. When the top loading washer with components turns and the components are cleaned, the operator can do other production work in the meantime.
  • Closed system that works on water and a suitable degreaser.
  • CTEC cleaners: the combination of these ecological degreasers and a closed cleaning system ensure a bath duration up to 3 months. Much less sewage makes a cleaner environment.

We prefer products from CTEC for the cleaning/degreasing of your parts.

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