Bath oil skimmer

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Laborex bath oil skimmer

Our bath oil skimmer skims all the oil from the liquid. This oil circulates through a pipe to a scavenge tank where all the oil is stocked. The oil skimmer can skim 6 litres oil per hour (with continuous use).


Inside the bath oil skimmer there is an adhesion band that scrapes the oil from the surface liquid. The adhesion band turns constantly through the liquid (washing bath). The oil sticks to the adhesion band until this oil is scraped off through a special scraping system. The scraped oil flows into two channels and is stored in a scavenge tank.

Technical data

  • Connection: 24 Volt 50 Hz
  • Current drain: 2.5 Watt
  • Capacity: until 6 litres/hour
  • Weight: about 3.1 kg

The adhesion band can be easily changed (manually). Various lengths of adhesion bands are available (depending of the type of cleaning or degreasing system you have).

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