Multifunctional immersion parts washers

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Laborex multifunctional immersion parts washers

The Laborex multifunctional immersion parts washers clean, degrease, phosphate, passivate, oil, strip and dry metal and plastic parts. This happens by cold and warm immersion in a closed system combined with the possibility of brushing, spraying or drying.

Sizes and weights

The standard range of multifunctional immersion parts washers is available in sizes from 840 to 1520 mm diameter, an effective height to 720 mm and a maximum load of 500 kg.

Customised multifunctional immersion parts washers are also possible.


We have 3 types of multifunctional immersion parts washers. The cabin can be made in normal or stainless steel.

  • Type 900 MF
  • Type 1200 MF
  • Type 1600 MF

These multifunctional immersion parts washers can be equipped with 1 door and 1 table or 2 doors and 2 tables.


  • Gradually adjustable.
  • Standing soaking.
  • With or without heating.
  • Lateral transport is possible.
  • The tanks are equipped with a large dimension cleaning hatch for easy cleaning of the machine.
  • Brushing by means of a full-flow brush where cleaning fluid circulates.
  • Spraying by means of nozzles under pressure of max. 7 bar (these nozzles are attached in the full-flow brush).
  • Drying by means of a compressed air gun.
  • The loading frame fits perfectly with the loading/unloading table.
  • Possibility to heat the chemicals + continuous filtration.
  • CE-certificate.
  • Various options are possible, f. ex. continuous filtration, compressed air turbulence, ultrasonic, oil separator or grease separator, vapour exhauster, etc.


  • The technique of immersion is the ideal solution when slots, holes or blind holes have to be cleaned.
  • To stimulate the cleaning process, the “ultrasonic cleaning” option can be chosen and installed in the immersion bath. The mechanical ultrasonic influence removes all impurities in the slots or holes.

We prefer products from CTEC for the cleaning/degreasing of your parts.

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