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Laborex oil separator

The Laborex oil separator is an efficient variation of our traditional oil skimmer.

The oil separator is an excellent solution to separate any quantity and type of surface oil from an aqueous liquid. As distinct from the traditional oil skimmer, the Laborex oil separator can be used in a continuous system f.ex. in a transit washing tunnel.

Working of the Laborex oil skimmer

The oil is skimmed off the liquid surface by means of a special tilting float. By using a hinging tilting float the skimmer continues to work efficiently with variable liquid heights.

The integrated pneumatic diaphragm pump sucks the mixture of oil and liquid out of the tilting float and pushes it to the oil separator.

The lamellae which improve the coherence of the oil drops and a partition wall very precisely separate the oil from the liquid.

The separated oil is captured in a collecting vessel while the liquid flows back to the bath.