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Laborex grease separator

The Laborex grease separator avoids the adhesion of grease. The grease separator is a separate unit connected to a cleaning machine in which a float connected is with an exhaust hose pipe.

Working of the Laborex grease separator

After the machine stops, the level of the liquid will be creamed through the floater.

Lamellae separate the grease during lead-through, while the liquid returns to the machine. The machine is provided with 2 grease draining points.

Because the machine has to stop during this treatment, it is better to choose “dead” moments. The setting of the clock in the electrical cabinet must be done in such way that the pump starts to operate automatically for 2 hours, twice in 24 hours and 7 days out of 7.

The control of the grease draining is optic via a removable cover.