This custom-made pressure blasting cabinet, type 2200 P, is specially designed for the roughening of copper castings and molds so the protection agent on these moulds has better adhesion afterwards.


Heavy large copper castings of ± 4,000 kg should be roughened. In view of the weight and size of these moulds these parts are loaded and unloaded by means of a crane into the blasting cabinet via the lid. Here the client has opted for a blasting cabinet with “double execution“. This means an execution with a double pair of gloves instead of one pair. In this way the part can be completely placed in the blasting cabinet and the user only has to move to the right and to the left into the next pair of gloves in order to roughen the part further.

Technical specifications

Type 2200 P
Weight empty machine ± 5500 kg
Weight max. charge of parts ± 4000 kg
External dimensions 5441 x 1881 x 3900 mm
Internal dimensions 1450 x 1700 x 1000 mm
Door opening 1450 x 1700 mm
Working height 830 mm
Capacity blasting tank 20 L.
Compressed air min. pressure 6 bar
Compressed air max. pressure 8 bar
Electric tension 1 x 230 V + PE
Max. consumption 2,3 kW – 15 A