This flooding spraying system, type FR 125-70-85, has been developed for the cleaning of castings. The client has also chosen to rinse and dry these castings.


At the bottom of the cabinet there are 2 integrated tanks for the cleaning, rinsing and drying of large castings.

magnetic band filter is mounted in the extension of the wash bath. The wash water goes back to the wash tank along here.

With each casting a small number of chips can fall into the wash bath. A magnetic band filter is therefore installed for rough filtering instead of working with filtration buckets.

Underneath the cleaning system there is a drip tray mounted in stainless steel.

Automatic control of the castings

The automatic transport roller conveyor of the cleaning installation has 5 positions:

  • Loading position
  • Buffer position 1
  • Input/output position
  • Buffer position 2
  • Unloading position

Shielding entrance door

The transport roller conveyor is surrounded by a fence with entrance door fitted with a safety contact.

Chosen options

  • Compressed air and hot air drying
  • Vapour condenser type 3000
  • Continuous filtration
  • Oil separator type II
  • Electric metering pump with flow control
  • Gas heating
  • Level regulation Omrom 2-tanks with valve rinsing tank + pneumatic pump wash tank
  • Waste water pump
  • Wash pump 18 bar
  • Conductivity meter on the wash tank which controls the electric metering pump


The loading and unloading position has a lift table. After the operator has clamped (loaded) the castings on the frame provided, they are brought to conveyor level using two-handed control. After release, the frame is transported to buffer position 1.

When the input/output position is free, the frame rolls to the input/output position after which the frame is pushed into the cleaning installation.

After termination of the wash cycle, the frame is pulled out of the cleaning installation and is then brought to buffer position 2. The operator himself controls transport to the unloading table to bring the frame to the the desired working height. It is now possible to unload the frame with castings.

Technical specifications

Type FR 125-70-85 RVS-W/E 2T
Effec. dimensions basket 1250 x 700 x 850 mm
Ext. dimensions machine 7080 x 5400 x 3300 mm
Wash pump 90 kW – 18 bar – 1650 L./min.
Rinsing pump 15 kW – 6 bar – 800 L./min.
Capacity wash tank 6050 L.
Capacity rinsing tank 2260 L.
Heating wash 10 x 9 kW
Heating rinsing 4 x 9 kW
Filter baskets wash 12 pcs.
Filter baskets rinsing 8 pcs.
Nozzles wash high impact pressure nozzles with oscillating spray pipe
Nozzles rinsing high impact pressure nozzles in the 4 corners
Max. drum capacity 1300 kg
Drum drive SEW gear motor with frequency control
Control Siemens S7/1200 – panel 6″