The blasting of parts for the automobile sector

This automatic injection blasting cabinet, type 1500, is equipped with a conveyor and
4 blasting guns 
for the blasting of parts for the automobile sector.


The parts with logo are placed one by one on the conveyor of the injection blasting cabinet. A foil is placed on the logo itself to protect it against blasting. The intention is that only the part is blasted and not the logo. Four blasting guns are mounted in the cabin because of the size of the parts (speed). When these parts are blasted, they return from the cabin via the conveyor. The foil is manually removed from the logo so we gave a matt part with a glossy logo.

Technical data

Weight empty machine1100 kg
External dimensions1800 x 3754 x 2650 mm
Door opening985 x 983
Working height800 mm
Capacity blasting tank50 L.
Compressed air min. pressure6 bar
Compressed air max. pressure8 bar
Connection1 x 1″
Electric tension1 x 230 V + PE
Max. consumption1,4 kW – 8,5 A