Pressure blasting cabinets

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Laborex pressure blasting cabinets

The Laborex pressure blasting cabinets derust, decarburize, remove paint or lacquer, powder, glaze, finish and buff parts by means of compressed air and specific blasting grit.

Sizes and weights

The standard range of pressure blasting cabinets is in available effective sizes up to 2900 x 2715 x 2000 mm (W x H x D),
a working height up to 830 mm and a grid up to 500 kg.

Customised pressure blasting cabinets are also possible.


We have 3 standard types of pressure blasting cabinets in our range:

  • Type 1250 P
  • Type 1500 P
  • Type 2200 P

Our pressure blasting cabinets only differ in dimensions and size.


The Laborex pressure blasting cabinets are:

  • Without danger/risk, hygienic, eco-friendly, sound and ergonomic.
  • Applicable for all types of blasting grit.
  • Continuous filtration and periodic dedusting of the filters.
  • The loading frame fits perfectly with the loading/unloading table.
  • Various options are possible such as a rotating table, rotating table on rail, adjustable support, etc.

We prefer products from CTEC for the blasting of your parts.

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