LW group

The LW group consists out of 4 companies. Aside from Laborex, these 3 companies are part of the LW group:


LaborexRail is a Belgian manufacturer specialized in railway vacuum wastewater systems, railway cleaning machines and blasting cabinets. In particular, LaborexRail is specialized in the development and production of vacuum wastewater units for the daily maintenance of trains. LaborexRail ensures that faeces and wastewater from the lavatory areas can be removed via several suction posts all connected to one central unit.

Their know-how and service have made them a global player in the Railway Industry during the last decades. For over 55 years LaborexRail has been internationally active in the Railway Industry. All railway machines and systems are developed and produced in-house, which results in high quality products. 

Visit www.laborexrail.com



CTEC is an innovative manufacturer of industrial detergents and blasting agents. For more than 55 years CTEC has been internationally active in the research, development, production and sales of industrial cleaning products and blasting agents. Their own laboratory and in-house production allow CTEC to work versatile and to offer eco-friendly and efficient full solutions for each cleaning or blasting problem.

CTEC offers you eco-friendly products which are tailored to your production process.

Visit www.ctec-chemicals.com



FE+ has been grounded in May 2006 under the wings of Laborex and has become a Belgian reference in metalworking, laser cutting, welding and construction works. Thanks to their dedicated staff and their high-tech machinery, you can count that your order is 100 % manufactured in-house.

All metalworking is done in-house, according to your desire. FE+ supplies both semi-finished and finished products in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Visit www.feplus.be


Laborex BVBA
Hagelberg 15
I.Z. 3 "De Heze"
2250 Olen

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