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About us

For over 50 years we are internationally active as a producer of industrial cleaning systems and blast cabinets for the cleaning or blasting of all your parts. Our machines are often linked with other production machines. For this purpose we develop and produce customized machines and innovative transport systems whereby automatic production processes arises. Specialized in industrial cleaning techniques we offer ecofriendly and efficient total solutions in the areas of cleaning, degreasing and surface treatment.

Through our expertise and service we have proved the last decades to be a global player in the field of machinery which build, beside the standard solutions, more than 90 % custom made machines. Being innovative is therefore of paramount importance to us. We treat the developping process of feasibility study till final product completely in house.

The package that we offer you is complete, the experience very high. Each cleaning problem is different and requires an individual approach. Together with you we decide the most suitable cleaning system for your application.

We do not stand still and think together with our Engineering forward, so that better and more efficient cleaning systems can be developed whereby the correct chemistry and less water consumption are central.

Our own Plate Department, a professional after sales and service contracts, a modern equipped machine department (altogether good for a working area of ​​8,110 m²) together with our 61 qualified employees guarantee the perfect finish to your cleaning system. This is also the strength of our entire organization.

          Oppervlakte Laborex    

Strong organized.

Laborex covers an area of 8,110 m² and is divided into following departments:

Management (2)

Administration (4)

Personnel Department

Accounting Department


Sales (7)

Engineering (8)

Mechanical Engineering

Electric Engineering

Production (28)

Production manager

Purchasing manager


Welding Department


Outdoor (techniciens)

Plate department (12)